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I am a designer proficient in various digital mediums including 3D design, digital illustrations, and graphic design. I also have some knowledge of front-end coding, particularly HTML and CSS.

hand doing peace sign icon
Character with a sunflower face
flower icon
star icon
Imagem de charcuteria com um arranjo floral

design / lookdev

Imagem de capa do projeto XBOX

modelling / design / lookdev

Imagem de capa do projeto Snapchat

modelling / design / lookdev

Imagem de capa do projeto Havaianas

modelling / design / lookdev

Imagem de capa do projeto RIOT Games

modelling / npr / lookdev

Personal projects capa

modelling / npr / lookdev

My tools of trade

I have experience with a variety of tools available on the market, but there are a few that I consistently use on a daily basis. Tools evolve constantly, and I make an effort to stay updated. Here's a general overview of the tools I'm currently proficient with.


3D modelling / Lookdev / NPR

animation / lookdev

Adobe Inc. A 1.png

textures / design

Figma 1.png


A flowered hand holding a smile icon
A 3D lup self portrait


Hey there! I'm a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil, always on the hunt for simpler, better ways to express myself and create cool stuff. Music? It's my heartbeat, all genres welcome. Movies? A constant source of inspiration. Feel free to send me a e-mail on so we can talk.

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